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Happy Birthday Wall Hanging!!

This year on Vikram’s Birthday I thought of making him a wall hanging Birthday card 🙂 When he woke up on his Birthday morning he saw it hanging on the living room wall, he loved it!! Btw, he loves to play tennis, especially with our son Ansh so there had to be a tennis racquet in it 🙂

Here are some pics of it.


Swinging Hearts

I made this swinging Hearts wall craft three years back for Vikram on Valentines Day. He loved it and he doesn’t let me throw it even now (when some of its colors have faded) and it still swings proudly in our bed room 🙂

Swinging Hearts

Love is the key to a loving home :)

This wall hanging we (Ansh and I)  made for Vikram for this year’s Valentine’s day. I asked Ansh if he could keep this as a secret and he was very excited about sharing a secret with mummy. Well he  kept the secret very well except that he blackmailed me a few times for m n ms, for not finishing his milk, not brushing his teeth at night, not picking up his toys……..

The base of the craft work is made out of cardboard and rest everything is cut out of  patterened paper and yes as I always say –  making it was easy, the only tough part was to come up with the design.

Love is the key to a loving home!

Love bears all things :)

I have always admired the truth and depth this quote “Love bears all things” holds in it. So I decided to make this for Vikram  for our Marriage Anniversary this year. The idea of this craft is not my origional one and I had got it from the craft kit that was being sold by Oriental Trading online. It is a fun project and can be made with things that can be easily found in the house. The brown is the cardboard from an old carton, the red is the craft felt and rest of it is paper and marker.

I made this bear and hung it in our living room in the morning of our Marriage Anniversary, he loved it and couldn’t stop smiling and watching it again and again 🙂

Love bears all things!