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Basant Decorations

A Very Very Happy Basant to you all!!

Here are a few decorations that I made for Basant 2012.¬† A Happy Basant Banner, a Basant Greeting Card and the wall hangings which were 14 in number. These decorations were hung in New Jersey Satsang Hall. Check out the pics…

Happy Basant Banner


Happy Holi!!

The festival of colors has arrived!! ūüôā The preparations for Holi are going on everywhere with full enthusiasm, energy and joy. For this year’s Holi decorations, I made these colorful flowers to be decorated in the New Jersey Satsang hall. These are very simple to make flowers made out of construction paper. I have also made a tutorial of making these flowers just with photographs. Check it out!!

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers - Pic 2

Paper Flower - Blue

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 8

Step 9

Step 11

Satsang Charts (Black and White)

Here are some Satsang charts I made last year when we were in Boston Satsang Centre.

Chart 1

Chart 2

Chart 3

Chart 4

Chart 5

Chart 6

Satsang Charts with decorative borders

Here are a few charts that I made this year for Zonal Satsang Meet in NJ organized in May. The wordings are hand written and the borders are hand painted. I must agree that this work was very time consuming and needed meticulous effort but when it was done, it was such a blissful feeling!

Chart 1

Part 1

Chart 2

Part 2

Chart 3

Part 3

Chart 4

Part 4

Chart 5

Part 5

Chart 6

Part 6

Table Mat Wall Hanging

 I made this wall hanging almost a year back for Basant. The flower petal shapes were cut out of maroon and green decorative papers brought from India.  Cutting and gluing was easy, the only hard part was to come up with the design.

Table Mat Wall Hanging - Pic 1

Table Mat Wall Hanging - Pic 2

Table Mat Wall hanging in Satsang Hall

Table Mat Wall Hanging in Satsang Hall