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Fabric Painting on Kurtas

I painted these Kurtas for Exhibition sale during NJ Zonal Satsang this year. These were stitched by a friend and then I grabbed them from her 🙂 to try my painting skills on it. This was the first kurta I have ever painted, though I had tried my hand on pillow covers, curtains, napkins, table cloths before.

My mom and I had painted curtains when I was a kid. We painted Disney characters (Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and similar ones) on the curtains for our (kids’)  room. In those times pictures of these characters were not so easily available, I think we got them from some stickers…btw the curtains had come out really neat, thanks to my mom! I remember my brother and I used to love them…ahhh delightful memories!!

Fabric Painting on Kurta

Fabric Painting on Kurta – Pic 1

Fabric Painting on Kurta – Pic 2

Fabric Painting on Kurta – Pic 3

Fabric Painting on Kurta – Pic 4

Fabric Painting on Kurta II – Pic 1

Fabric Painting on Kurta II – Pic 2

Fabric Painting on Kurta II – Pic 3


Colorful Fabric Bookmarks

These are some colorful bookmarks that I made using DB fabric. These were made for  Satsang Exhibition Sale at NJ Zonal Satsang this year (2011).

Colorful Fabric Bookmarks:

Colorful Fabric Bookmarks

  Yellow and Pink Bookmarks:

Yellow and Pink Bookmarks

 Green Fabric Bookmarks:

Green Fabric Bookmarks

 Red and Yellow Bookmarks:

Red and Yellow bookmarks Green Bookmarks: Green Bookmarks

 Green Bookmarks:

Green Bookmarks

Peacock Craft

 A very simple to make craft…

Fabric Bookmarks

Bookmarks always make good gifts for readers (or if the bookmarks are pretty looking they may even inspire people to read :)). Bookmarks can also be gifted along with cards. These ones are  fabric bookmarks and they were very easy to make. The green base with blue flowers is paper and the darker green on top of it is DB fabric. For making these bookmarks gluing ribbons over the fabric really helped in locking the edges and in preventing the threads from coming out.

 Green Fabric Bookmarks:

Green Fabric Bookmarks
Red Fabric Bookmarks: 

These bookmarks were made for distributing among the kids on Education Day.

Red Fabric Bookmarks

Green Bookmark


Green and Yellow Bookmark


Red Bookmark

Green Bookmark

Red and Orange Wall Craft

This is  a very simple and easy to make wall decor completely made out of patterened paper. It was easy to begin with and finish in less than two hours. I think I have become a fan of tassels lately and so every decor I make somehow includes a tassel and moreover I have a big ball of red hemp which keeps waiting to be used. These were sold at Satsang Exhibition sale at New Jersey Zonal Satsang (2009).

3 Diamonds Wall Decor

There is always a time during the year when we are a little bit more free than usual and we think of ways for utilizing that time for some constructive work. During one of such occasions I thought of making this decor. This decor is made  totally out of patterned paper and is easy to make but one may feel a little monotonous cutting similar shapes in maroon and green. The edges are made with red glitter glue and yes it was a little tricky to dispense it evenly forming a line.

These were sold at Satsang Exhibition Sale at New Jeresy (2010).

3 Diamonds Wall Decor - Pic 1

Wall Decor with paper and fabric

This Wall Decor was the result of an experimentation 🙂 while trying to utilize the pink Dayalbagh fabric pieces for making some kind of decoration.  Luckily I had the red decorative paper that matched with the fabric and so could be used as a border. The tassels are made of red hemp and the beads used for the tassels were bought from India. Again the making part was easy, but the only tough part was to design it.
These were made for sale during Zonal Satsang Exhibition at New Jersey.

Wall decor

Wall decor - Another view

Wall decor - close up


Wall Decor : Different border