Festive Winter Cards

I had been very busy lately so I couldn’t add any new post, but now my exams are done and I am a bit relieved, hmmm…at least for a couple of weeks! So last weekend I spent quite some time preparing cards. Also, Ansh and I spent time making cookies, he had been telling me to prepare ginger bread man cookies from quite a while so we finally made them. I am amazed at how much interest he shows in kitchen at this age.

Picture of cookies is at the end of this post 🙂

Green Snowflake Card:

Green Snowflake Card

Green Snowflake

Green Snowflake border

Blue Ribbon Card

Blue Ribbon

White Snowflake Card

Cookies that Ansh and I made together…they don’t look perfect…but he  and his dad loved them 🙂

Cookies made with Ansh


Creative Cards from my Brother’s Family :)

My brother had been at the best of his creativity this year 🙂 Here are some very artistic and ingenious cards that he and my talented sis in law designed and sent to us this year. This first one was for our Marriage Anniversary and the rest were for our Birthdays.

Card for our Marriage Anniversary

Photo Card - Pic 1

Photo Card - Birthday

Photo Card 2 - Birthday

Photo Card 3 - Birthday

Photo Card 4 - Birthday

Shoe box Library

Shoebox Library:

My son Ansh who just joined Kindergarten last month had been bringing these little books from school which he made himself in class. These were number books, alphabet books, coloring books etc. Kids cut out the sheet themselves and organized the pieces in order and the teacher stapled them together to form a book…this was such a cute idea!!

The teacher also told the kids to make shoe box library at home with mommy to keep the books together. So Ansh and I decided to create our own shoe box library. Luckily I had an almost brand new brown colored shoe box in my craft store. So here is what we came up with…

Shoe box Craft – Pic 1

Shoe box Craft – Pic 2

Shoe box Craft – Pic 3

Shoe box Craft – Pic 4

Balloon Cards or Pop up Birthday Cards

Here are a few Birthday Cards that I made recently which were inspired by balloons!

Pop up Birthday Card:

Handmade Birthday Card 1

Inside of Handmade Birthday Card 1

KidsBirthday Card:This Birthday Card was made by my 5 year old for his cute little cousin who turned 2 this year.

Ice cream stick craft

Everyone loves the cool days of summer….but hot days can be made cool too….all we need is a popsicle 🙂 This summer I had my freezer full of popsicles, the temperature of NJ had been 106  for so many days in a row that surviving without popsicles seemed impossible for Ansh. We collected the ice cream sticks and had a box full of it by the end of the month of July. So last weekend when we wanted to do a craft together they came out very handy. Ansh very sincerely helped by applying the glue on the ice cream sticks while I joined them and held them together tightly.

We made this and presented it to Vikram as we always do (we are in a habit of dedicating the smallest thing we make :)). He loved it and had so many nice words to say about it.

Ice Cream Stick Craft - Pic 1

Ice Cream Stick Craft - Pic 2

Fabric Painting on Kurtas

I painted these Kurtas for Exhibition sale during NJ Zonal Satsang this year. These were stitched by a friend and then I grabbed them from her 🙂 to try my painting skills on it. This was the first kurta I have ever painted, though I had tried my hand on pillow covers, curtains, napkins, table cloths before.

My mom and I had painted curtains when I was a kid. We painted Disney characters (Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and similar ones) on the curtains for our (kids’)  room. In those times pictures of these characters were not so easily available, I think we got them from some stickers…btw the curtains had come out really neat, thanks to my mom! I remember my brother and I used to love them…ahhh delightful memories!!

Fabric Painting on Kurta

Fabric Painting on Kurta – Pic 1

Fabric Painting on Kurta – Pic 2

Fabric Painting on Kurta – Pic 3

Fabric Painting on Kurta – Pic 4

Fabric Painting on Kurta II – Pic 1

Fabric Painting on Kurta II – Pic 2

Fabric Painting on Kurta II – Pic 3

Satsang Charts (Black and White)

Here are some Satsang charts I made last year when we were in Boston Satsang Centre.

Chart 1

Chart 2

Chart 3

Chart 4

Chart 5

Chart 6