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Happy Birthday Wall Hanging!!

This year on Vikram’s Birthday I thought of making him a wall hanging Birthday card 🙂 When he woke up on his Birthday morning he saw it hanging on the living room wall, he loved it!! Btw, he loves to play tennis, especially with our son Ansh so there had to be a tennis racquet in it 🙂

Here are some pics of it.


Festive Winter Cards

I had been very busy lately so I couldn’t add any new post, but now my exams are done and I am a bit relieved, hmmm…at least for a couple of weeks! So last weekend I spent quite some time preparing cards. Also, Ansh and I spent time making cookies, he had been telling me to prepare ginger bread man cookies from quite a while so we finally made them. I am amazed at how much interest he shows in kitchen at this age.

Picture of cookies is at the end of this post 🙂

Green Snowflake Card:

Green Snowflake Card

Green Snowflake

Green Snowflake border

Blue Ribbon Card

Blue Ribbon

White Snowflake Card

Cookies that Ansh and I made together…they don’t look perfect…but he  and his dad loved them 🙂

Cookies made with Ansh