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A little bit of organizing

I thought of organizing my home a little bit last week, so I gathered all the waste material I had and used it as an opportunity to do some craft work with my son. We made these receipt/coupon holders out of cereal boxes, made some treat holders out of Preserves’ bottles, craft supplies box out of a shoe box, re used the old carton to organize crayons and markers, and decorated an old white box in which Ansh fondly keeps his small cars.

Receipt-Coupon holder 1


Ice cream stick craft

Everyone loves the cool days of summer….but hot days can be made cool too….all we need is a popsicle 🙂 This summer I had my freezer full of popsicles, the temperature of NJ had been 106  for so many days in a row that surviving without popsicles seemed impossible for Ansh. We collected the ice cream sticks and had a box full of it by the end of the month of July. So last weekend when we wanted to do a craft together they came out very handy. Ansh very sincerely helped by applying the glue on the ice cream sticks while I joined them and held them together tightly.

We made this and presented it to Vikram as we always do (we are in a habit of dedicating the smallest thing we make :)). He loved it and had so many nice words to say about it.

Ice Cream Stick Craft - Pic 1

Ice Cream Stick Craft - Pic 2

White is bright!

This is the first wall craft that I made soon after coming to US. I did not have much of craft material here back then, in fact nothing except markers and glitter 🙂  so this one is made just out of that.

White is bright!

White is bright - Pic 2

White is bright - Pic 3

Love is the key to a loving home :)

This wall hanging we (Ansh and I)  made for Vikram for this year’s Valentine’s day. I asked Ansh if he could keep this as a secret and he was very excited about sharing a secret with mummy. Well he  kept the secret very well except that he blackmailed me a few times for m n ms, for not finishing his milk, not brushing his teeth at night, not picking up his toys……..

The base of the craft work is made out of cardboard and rest everything is cut out of  patterened paper and yes as I always say –  making it was easy, the only tough part was to come up with the design.

Love is the key to a loving home!

Table Mat Wall Hanging

 I made this wall hanging almost a year back for Basant. The flower petal shapes were cut out of maroon and green decorative papers brought from India.  Cutting and gluing was easy, the only hard part was to come up with the design.

Table Mat Wall Hanging - Pic 1

Table Mat Wall Hanging - Pic 2

Table Mat Wall hanging in Satsang Hall

Table Mat Wall Hanging in Satsang Hall

Red and Orange Wall Craft

This is  a very simple and easy to make wall decor completely made out of patterened paper. It was easy to begin with and finish in less than two hours. I think I have become a fan of tassels lately and so every decor I make somehow includes a tassel and moreover I have a big ball of red hemp which keeps waiting to be used. These were sold at Satsang Exhibition sale at New Jersey Zonal Satsang (2009).

3 Diamonds Wall Decor

There is always a time during the year when we are a little bit more free than usual and we think of ways for utilizing that time for some constructive work. During one of such occasions I thought of making this decor. This decor is made  totally out of patterned paper and is easy to make but one may feel a little monotonous cutting similar shapes in maroon and green. The edges are made with red glitter glue and yes it was a little tricky to dispense it evenly forming a line.

These were sold at Satsang Exhibition Sale at New Jeresy (2010).

3 Diamonds Wall Decor - Pic 1