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A little bit of organizing

I thought of organizing my home a little bit last week, so I gathered all the waste material I had and used it as an opportunity to do some craft work with my son. We made these receipt/coupon holders out of cereal boxes, made some treat holders out of Preserves’ bottles, craft supplies box out of a shoe box, re used the old carton to organize crayons and markers, and decorated an old white box in which Ansh fondly keeps his small cars.

Receipt-Coupon holder 1


Shoe box Library

Shoebox Library:

My son Ansh who just joined Kindergarten last month had been bringing these little books from school which he made himself in class. These were number books, alphabet books, coloring books etc. Kids cut out the sheet themselves and organized the pieces in order and the teacher stapled them together to form a book…this was such a cute idea!!

The teacher also told the kids to make shoe box library at home with mommy to keep the books together. So Ansh and I decided to create our own shoe box library. Luckily I had an almost brand new brown colored shoe box in my craft store. So here is what we came up with…

Shoe box Craft – Pic 1

Shoe box Craft – Pic 2

Shoe box Craft – Pic 3

Shoe box Craft – Pic 4

Diwali diyas made of wheat flour